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SHR Super Hair Removal

New Medispa Treatment Cosmedico Skinplulse SHR Super Hair Remover SHR - HR Pain free Hair Removal


Upper Lip – Chin – Eyebrow Center – Sideburns



Underarms – Standard Bikini Line – Lip & Chin – Cheeks – Front or Back of the Neck- Hands – Feet




Brazilian Bikini – Half arm – Full Neck – Lower Face – Chest – Abdomen – Upper or Lower back


Area 4

Hollywood – Half Leg – Shoulders – Full Arm – Back – Buttocks – Face



Full Leg



Consultation and Patch Test Required Min 48 hours before Treatment



All our Therapists are trained by Kim Lawless to the highest standard using Peron Rigot waxes. Hot Wax , Means no strips are used

Nasel Hair

Brow Wax

Lip or Chin

Lip and Chin

Under Arm

Regular Bikini (up to the crease line only )

High leg Bikini (up to and above crease line )

Brazilian (all hair removed back and front leaving a landing strip) ,

Hollywood ( All hair removed back and front)



Lower leg including knees and feet

Lower leg including knees and feet and Basic Bikini Line

Upper Leg Including Knees

3/4 Leg Including Knees and Feet & Regular Bikini

Full Leg Including Feet and Basic Bikini

Lower Arm

Upper Arm

Full Arm

Back or Chest

Buttock Cheeks only

Backs Of Thighs

Male Tummy

Please allow 4 weeks hair growth before your first waxing appointment.

Repeat appointments 4-6 weeks apart



Electrolysis Hair removal The only method of hair removal that can say Permanent Hair Removal as it has been established for over 125 years. We use Sterex disposable needles with short wave diathermy or the blend method, depending on your skin and hair types. Free consultation required on your first treatment.

10 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

30 Minutes

Courses available

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