Holistic Therapies

Foot reflexology



Therapist – Jan Penney.                  

(Member of the Association of Reflexologists and ITEC qualified)

Reflexology is a natural holistic therapy based on the belief that areas of the feet correspond to parts of the body. During a treatment gentle pressure is applied to stimulate the reflex areas and this can aid relaxation, improve sleep patterns, release tension and assist with general wellbeing.

The Association of Reflexologists describes reflexology as:“…a non-intrusive complementary therapy which is based on the theory that the different organs and systems of the body can be mapped to different points or areas on the feet, hands, face, lower leg or ears. Reflexologists believe that through working these points or areas, they may have an energetic effect on the corresponding organs or systems within the body, encouraging the body towards a state of homeostasis and self-healing”

The treatment requires the removal of footwear only. A full consultation will be taken on the first treatment.

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